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Beefmaster Cattle: Breeding - Raising - Selling For sale: bulls, cows, calves, embryos, and semen Picture of Registered Beefmaster Bull, Cows, and Calves

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We are now using a Crib Creek 4-28 bull. His sire is a polled 955 Vinson bull and a really nice polled 328 Crib Creek cow. He has really good EPD's and is mostly Lasater, Crib Creek, Frenzel, and Vinson breeding.

We have several nice show heifers and young bulls for sale, and we have Beefmaster cattle, embryos, and semen for sale. Our inventory is constantly changing as we buy, sell, and breed cattle, but whatever we have on hand will be of the same high quality and caliber as what is shown on our website.

Please browse through our cows, calves, and bulls sections. If you have any questions, call us at the phone numbers shown above, or e-mail us.

We welcome you to visit us and see our Beefmaster cattle. Since we are a small operation, the Beefmasters are shown by appointment.

We have been raising Beefmaster Cattle since 1996. We use weights and measurements, and have excellent EPDs. Our cattle are bred for clean sheaths, muscle, growths, and early fertility.

Most of our females are polled. The program we are in is the Inventory Based Reporting, but starting in 2017, we will be going to the program Whole Herd Reporting. We now have a livestock scale and will be getting all the calves weighed at weaning and yearly weights, in addition to the birth weights when they are born.